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I'm a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a background in data-driven technology, online privacy and AdTech/MarTech. Over the past 15 years, I've built, scaled internationally and sold several enterprise SaaS and service companies, including Piwik PRO - a leading open and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

I invest in technology startups at the pre-seed and seed stages, and I'm always happy to help entrepreneurs on their journey without getting in the way of how they want to run their business. Interested in working together? Drop me a line.

My current focus is on Hard2beat, a new venture capital firm founded by serial entrepreneurs and technology investors that seeks to invest in early-stage DeepTech companies working on software-based solutions.

Companies I invested in


Archbee is a product documentation platform that provides a docs tool for software teams and products.


edrone is the first eCRM designed for eCommerce, with all-in-one eCommerce marketing cloud and customer intelligence.

Nethansa offers comprehensive solutions that help to increase profits on Amazon and


Surveily leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve safety standards in the manufacturing industry.


Demoboost is a platform to create, personalize, share, and track product demos at scale.

Hunch empowers global brands and agencies to dominate social commerce with performance driven creatives.


Oxla is a next-gen OLAP database, offering lightning-fast data processing and efficiency.


Sensly is a platform matching all those whose goal is to look after their mental health with registered professionals offering an appropriate support.

Digital First AI lets marketers create & execute marketing plans in seconds with AI.


Medusa is an open-source, composable commerce engine that lets you build custom and flexible e-commerce solutions.


Salesforge is an all-in-one sales execution and AI co-pilot to give every sales team the highest probability of hitting their target.


AirCashBack is a regional leader in claiming damages for the passengers of cancelled or delayed flights.

Companies I founded

Piwik PRO is an analytics suite with a focus on user privacy and data security – the perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

Acquired by Kirk Kapital and merged with Cookie Information in 2023. 


Clearcode is a trusted AdTech & MarTech development partner for tech companies, publishers and ad agenices.

Acquired in 2022 by Aricoma Group.

Kanary is a advertising platform of choice for data-driven marketers.

Acquired in 2014 by Gravity4.

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